Termignoni Titanium CuNb Force WSS Official Full Race System F3 (13-16) Reparto Corse Edition

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Performance and quality at the highest level

The Termignoni WSS Official Force Full Racing system for the MV Agusta F3 (13-16) is a limited edition race system, handcrafted by Davide Prearo, head of the Reparto Corse (racing department).

A crucial point in our design is sound, at Termignoni we want you to feel the soul of the engine and pipe diameters and materials play a critical role in the quality and practicality of each and every exhaust system we build. Generally speaking, larger pipe diameters will result in better horsepower output performance at high rpm range. However, this isn’t to say that larger diameters equate better high-end performance; when the diameter size is too large, exhaust gases will not be able to fill up the holding space of the exhaust pipe and the exhaust gases will create turbulence and exhaust outflow issues, which will negatively affect performance. Exhaust pipes with smaller diameter sizes are perfect for torque output under low revs. When the bike is operating under mid to low rpm range, exhaust gases can be released quickly, but under high rpm, large volumes of exhaust gases will be blocked inside the exhaust system and subsequently increase the exhaust temperature.

Termignoni designs and customizes every exhaust pipe with precision and utmost care based on their original fittings, with the goal to greatly increase horsepower and torque performance through an optimal diameter ratio. The R & D department at Termignoni designs and creates the racing capabilities for the MotoGP, Moto2 and WSBK translating these competencies to all its aftermarket systems, this means that the knowledge and improvements acquired for racing strategies are also transferred on systems intended to end users

The front section and mufflers are characterized by a main structure and sleeves in titanium CuNb (the same material used by the Termignoni Racing Department to construct racing exhausts) with carbon fiber rear caps and heat shields.

Titanium deriving its name from the second generation of Greek gods, Titan meaning strong, is the 9th most abundant element on earth. Pure titanium is typically used because of its strength to weight ratio. However pure titanium is weaker than steel and can corrode when exposed to salt water. Because of this, Termignoni uses a titanium alloy in this exhaust system that is infused with Copper and Niobium (CuNb) giving it considerable performance advantages over stainless steel.

The addition of Copper increases the material’s mechanical strength even at temperatures above 1100 °F (600 °C), and the Niobium increases the exhaust’s resistance to corrosion above 1500 °F (800 °C). The increased mechanical properties not only greatly increase the lifespan of the exhaust, but also allow for a thinner tube wall that reduces weight and improves exhaust gas flow. Because of these characteristics, similar titanium alloys are used in commercial aircraft, the international space station, Formula 1, and NASCAR.

The performance enhancement and weight savings are inherent to our racing character. Offering an even more powerful driving experience, coupled with our unmistakable #italiansound, to make your bike unique.

Materials: Titanium CuNb & Carbon Fiber

Decibel Levels: Removable Noise Reduction Plug Included


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