Termignoni Force 2-1 Stainless/Titanium Exhaust System Multistrada 950 (16-18)

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Termignoni Force 2-1 Stainless/Titanium Exhaust System Multistrada 950 (16-18)



The exhaust is characterized by a main structure in stainless steel with a titanium sleeve and a black anodized CNC machined aluminum rear cap. The racing 3/4 system was designed to provide increased performance and weight reduction, while delivering a unique race inspired look. The exhaust will eliminate the catalytic converter and mount directly to the OEM front section.

In terms of performance it offers an increase of power (+5.27 hp at 7,000 rpm) and torque (+4.9 Nm at 7,000 rpm).

It offers a weight reduction of 8.16 lb. (3.7 kg).

The performance enhancement and weight savings are inherent to our racing character. Offering an even more powerful driving experience, coupled with our unmistakable #italiansound, to make your bike unique.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Titanium & Aluminum

Decibel Levels: Removable Noise Reduction Plug Included

MPN: D16809440ITA




At Termignoni we have the passion of two wheels, our products are the result of passion and more than 45 years of experience. We believe in sound and we want you to feel the soul of the engine of your motorcycle. Our commitment is to create unique experiences designed around the best performances.

Our aim is to develop exhaust systems capable of giving an increase of performance in terms of power and weight reduction, the teams involved in competitions, as well as the motorcyclist to all days.

The R & D department designs and creates the racing facilities for the MotoGP, Moto2 and SBK is the same charting aftermarket systems, this means that the knowledge and improvements acquired for racing facilities are also transferred on discharges intended to end users.


Founded in 1969 by Mr. Luigi Termignoni, TERMIGNONI S.p.A. is a company that designs and creates motorbike exhaust systems for race and road use at the highest levels. The experience gained in these years on the race tracks has been transferred also to the aftermarket products giving a high level performances. The company's object is to develop exhaust systems that offer always an increase of performances in terms of power and/or weight. The R & D department that create the racing exhaust systems for MotoGP, Moto2 and SBK, is the same department that create for the aftermarket.


All the Termignoni’s exhaust systems are produced in his headquarters, from the design to the shipping, using the best selection of materials as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Carbon, Titanium and Iconel.


To offer quality products TERMIGNONI uses the most recent technologies. MIG and TIG weldings, Dyonjet dynamometers with ventilation system to simulate the air speed near to 300 Km/h, 3D laser cutting with robot, 2D - 3D CAD system designs and 3D profile detector.


The Research & Development departments are the one designated to realize the racing and aftermarket exhaust system. Using the technical information received, the Racing department and the Production department proceed in the elaboration of the product.


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