From tires and oil changes to 600 mile or major services, your Ducati or MV Agusta is maintained by the same technician who builds our race-winning Ducati's.

We can provide all your factory recommended services and warranty work on your MV. We'll also do partial services if you prefer to do some of it yourself. We use all OEM Ducati and MV parts or Ducshop test-proven parts like Sprint filters, Hi-Flo, Motul, NGK, etc.

Drop your bike off, call or email for a quote or to schedule an appointment. For out-of-town or out-of-state customers, call in advance and we can usually schedule you in for same- or next-day service or drop of on Sat and pick up the next.

We use the newest clearance specifications to stretch your older Duc to the newer service intervals, 6000 mile to 7500 mile, 12,000 mile to 18,000 mile etc.

- Most Ducati and MV 600 mile 1st services estimated: $275 

- Most 2 valve 1st major services (6000 or 7500 mile) estimated: $850 to $1000

- Most 2 valve 2nd major services (12000 or 15000 mile) estimated: $950 to $1150

- Most 4 valve 1st major services (6000 or 7500) mile estimated with valve adjustment: $1200 to $1450 (without valve adjustment less $780)

- Most 4 valve 2nd major services (12000 or 15000) mile estimated: $1450 to $1750 (Panigale's and V4's add $280) 

- MV Agusta 1st major service (6000 or 9000) mile estimated: $450 to $550

- MV Agusta 2nd major service (15000 or 18000) mile estimated: $1150 to $1300

Tire mounting & balancing (labor discounted for in house tire purchases) $70.00 per tire mounted on bike, $35.00 wheel only.   Please call for the most current tire prices and professional recommendations.

Ducati MV Agusta Shop rate $140 per hour

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With over 20 years of experience and many National Championships, our two Ducshop in-house Öhlins certified technicians can set up your Ducati to match your riding style, weight, geometry, and give you a great baseline for street, track, or AMA competition.

Whether a Monster, Hypermotard or an 1198R,  Mark will personally consult with you to help achieve your desired result. We stock all the Öhlins and Ducshop products to get the most out of your Ducati.

Call 770-424-8804 or e-mail  for a labor quote on fork or shock service, installing cartridge kits or re-valving your current suspension.