Nitron NTR TVT 22mm Adjustable Fork Cartridge Kit Ducati Scrambler 2015-2019

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2 to 4 weeks for delivery (built to order)


Nitron NTR TVT 22mm Adjustable Fork Cartridge Kit Ducati Scrambler 2015-19

$ 875.00

*Cartridge kit installation can be completed with standard suspension tools and without the need for proprietary tools from Nitron.

*Nitron NTR TVT 25mm Cartridge kits require 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. This is from time of sale to delivery. These cartridge kits are custom built in the UK.


  • Nitron TVT Adjustable Fork Cartridge Kits offer the same level of improvements in rider control, performance and comfort that have become the trademark of the Nitron product.
  • The system features a large bore 25mm piston which provides significant improvements in performance over the OEM set up.
  • Independent adjustment of rebound (right fork) and compression damping (left fork) is both easy to use and extremely effective.
  • In addition to this, a key feature of the TVT Fork Cartridge Kit is the third, high speed damping valve incorporated into the compression cartridge.
  • The valve is pre-set to react to high-speed, hard edge bumps which normally unsettle a well damped set up especially when combined with hard braking and cornering forces.
  • All three valve pistons can be quickly and easily removed for re-valving without the need to remove the forks from the bike.
(No reviews yet) Write a Review