Marchesini M7RS Genesi Forged Aluminum Wheel Set Ducati 1098/1198/M1200/Multistrada/939SS

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$2,411.00 - $2,779.00
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Marchesini M7RS Genesi Forged Aluminum Wheel Set Ducati 1098/1198/M1200/Multistrada/939SS

$ 2,411.00

Unique style, performance and lightness - all at a carefully calculated price. The M7RS Genesi in forged aluminum alloy is a wheel designed to offer maximum performance at a price that enthusiasts can afford.

Everything is designed and implemented to obtain a material of the highest possible mechanical specifications by using an ultra-high-performance, plastically deformable aluminum alloy designed for aerospace applications, a precision multi-directional closed- die forging process, and the production of special dedicated dies optimized on the basis of the final wheel geometry.

Compared to standard wheels, the M7RS - GENESI achieves a reduction of over 40% in weight and over 35% in rolling inertia and represents the new benchmark for forged aluminum wheels.

The number of spokes is designed to guarantee maximum stiffness of the connection between hub and rim, thereby ensuring that radial loads are distributed evenly around the rim and providing a general lightness of structure unequalled anywhere.

Average wheel weight with spacers, bearings and sprocket flange:

Front Wheel- 8 lbs.

Rear Wheel- 11 lbs. (Single Swingarm) 12.5 lbs. (Dual Swingarm)


  • 17 inch x 6.00 inch Rear Wheel
  • Uses OEM Cush Drive
  • 7-Spoke design
  • Multi Forged Aluminum


  • Rear/Front-Bearings, bushings, axle spacers and valves

Color Options:

Matte Black, Gloss Black, Gold and ***Anodized Gold (special order)


Ducati Monster 1200 (all years and versions)

Ducati Super Sport 939 (all years and versions)

Ducati Multistrada 950 (all years and versions)

Ducati Multistrada 1200 (all years and versions)

Ducati Multistrada 1260 (all years and versions)

Ducati 1098 (all years and versions)

Ducati 1198 (all years and versions)

Why use lightweight wheels?

  • Carbon and titanium parts and bolts will lower the overall weight of your motorcycle and this is great for increasing total power to weight ratio.  However, considering the tires, wheels and brake rotors have rotational mass, reducing this weight is directly felt by the rider and provides a tangible performance increase.

Moment of Inertia

  • Construction of wheel- where is the weight? Cast OEM wheels are not only heavier, but the weight is not distributed the same as a carbon, magnesium, or forged aluminum wheels.
  • The farther away weight is placed from its axis in a gyro (wheel), the more rotational inertia there will be. This is at an exponential level, with the increase of weight and distance from center axis. The more weight at the outer edges of a wheel, the harder it will be to turn, stop or accelerate. 
  • Aftermarket, high performance wheels are designed to have a minimal amount if this moment of inertia compared to the OEM cast aluminum wheels. A forged aluminum wheel for an example, is not only lighter in total weight but has the majority of that weight placed closer to the axles, thus reducing the moment of inertia.
  • In simpler terms- lighter and well-engineered wheels: Saves power. = Accelerate quicker = Faster top speed = Faster lap times 
  • Rider fatigue is also reduced- lighter wheels stop quicker and enable less effort for turning into and exiting corners.
  • Overall easier feel on the front end. 

***Retuning suspension is recommended when changing to lightweight wheels from OEM

(No reviews yet) Write a Review