IMA Model 6 Evo Triple Clamps Ducati Panigale 899/1199/1299/V2/V4

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IMA Model 6 Evo Panigale Triple Clamps Ducati Panigale 899/1199/1299/V2/V4

$ 850.00


  • Developed from recent studies about the structural dynamics of current motorcycles, these triple clamps provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade the bike’s chassis.
  • The lower clamp features inverse ribs technology providing greater rigidity while maintaining low weight.
  • The upper clamp features longitudinal slots creating greater flexibility while decreasing weight.
  • The combination of a rigid lower triple clamp and a top triple clamp featuring engineered-flexibility effectively reduce chattering, following the technological trends of MotoGP and World SBK.
  • Additionally, the triple clamp set features an adjustable eccentric at the steering stem, allowing for offset variations to suit a rider’s preferences.
  • The MOD.4 evo kit is proposed in two different setups: Base Setup (fixed offset); Racing Setup (adjustable off-set ). Besides, there's the chance, for some models, to apply the OEM ignition pawl to the upper clamp.


Ducati Panigale: 899,1199,1299,V2,V4 (all years and versions)

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Öhlins FGR

Material: ERGAL 7075

Colors: Aluminium, Titanium, Black

Forks diameters:  52-57mm upper - 58mm lower

Fork spacing:  226

Offset: adjustable 25 to 31

Accessories: Tapered roller bearing, 35mm dust seal, ON/OFF Led Switch with housing

Recommended Bolt Torque Setting: 7.5 Nm  with greasing

Bolt Installation Sequence: Upper 1,2,1,2,1     Lower  1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3

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