IMA Model 4 Evo Triple Clamps BMWS1000RR/DucatiSBK/ApriliaRSV4

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IMA Model 4 Evo Triple Clamps BMWS1000RR/DucatiSBK/ApriliaRSV4

$ 850.00

Set of anodized triple clamps for modern superbikes, CNC-machined from billet of 7075 ERGAL aluminium. Developed from recent studies about the structural dynamics of current motorcycles, these triple clamps provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade the bike’s chassis.

The lower clamp features inverse ribs technology providing greater rigidity while maintaining low weight. The upper clamp features longitudinal slots creating greater flexibility while decreasing weight. The combination of a rigid lower triple clamp and a top triple clamp featuring engineered-flexibility effectively reduce chattering, following the technological trends of MotoGP and World SBK. Additionally, the triple clamp set features an adjustable eccentric at the steering stem, allowing for offset variations to suit a rider’s preferences. The MOD.4 evo kit is proposed in two different setups: Base Setup (fixed offset); Racing Setup (adjustable off-set ). Besides, there's the chance, for some models, to apply the OEM ignition pawl to the upper clamp.



Sachs 2010-2019 

Ohlins FRG

Ducati SBK: 916,996,998,999,1098,1198,848,749,748 - All Years and Versions


Ohlins "S" model

Ohlins FRG 

Aprilia RSV4

RSVR-R Showa- 2009-2010


Ohlins (Factory Models)

Ohlins FRG

***Specify Make, Model and Year at Check Out

Material: ERGAL 7075

Colors: Aluminium, Titanium, Black

Forks diameters:  Up to 58mm

Fork spacing:  205, 210 and 215

Offset:  adjustable 24 to 32

Chance to apply the OEM Ignition  (trough purchasable brakets, steering lock function NOT available)

Accessories: Tapered roller bearing, dust seal, ON/OFF Led Switch with housing

Recommended Bolt Torque Setting: 7.5 Nm  with greasing

Bolt Installation Sequence: Upper 1,2,1,2,1     Lower  1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3








(No reviews yet) Write a Review