Forsaken Motorsports Linear Suspension Link 848/1098/1198

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Linear Suspension Link Ducati 848 1098 1198

$ 466.00

Developed and tested on a Forsaken Motorsports 1098R, this Ducati linear suspension link has a new and optimized geometry compared to the other links out there.  The result is that there is no need to modify the shock length for the suspension to work properly.

  • You will need to increase the spring rate.
  • The ride height rod needs to be changed to something like a Sato rod to compensate for the linear travel. The Sato rods are shorter from the manufacturer and give you the right amount of adjustability.  
  • Geometery is at 27 mm of rear sag.
  • Rear Shock Spring Rate needs to be increased ( +3).
  • The links are fitted with Ducati bearings and seals.
  • CNC machined in billet 6061 aluminum.
  • Clear anodized.

Bellow is a list of spring rates to use on stock links.  Weight includes the gears of the rider.  When upgrading to this link, you should increase the spring rate by 15.0 Nmm.

140-160 Lbs – 80.0 Nmm

160-180 Lbs – 85.0 Nmm

180-200 Lbs – 90.0 Nmm

200-220 Lbs – 95.0 Nmm

220-240 Lbs – 100 Nmm

(No reviews yet) Write a Review