Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer (digital temp) Tire Warmers 180-205 Rear Tire

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Chicken Hawk Racing Privateer (digital temp) Tire Warmers 180-205 Rear Tire

$ 575.00


  • Quick Disconnect Power Cable – safety and convenience
  • Normal mode or Gradual Heat Up modes can be selected
  • "Doctor Style Bag" protects during transit and storage
  • Ability to display Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Running Time shows how long the warmer has been running
  • Both Target temperature and Actual temperature are visible


  • Highest watt density – 620 watts rear and 460 watts front
  • Slow, yet powerful, the warmer permeates the tire carcass with stable heat – attaining "hot tire pressure"
  • Available in Standard, Dual Temperature and Digital models
  • Ballistic nylon exterior
  • Nylon carrying bag or "Doctor Style Bag"
  • Carbon and poly insulation for better heat retention
  • Dual stage operating lights show when heating and when ready
  • Safe to use with DOT and race compound tires
  • Neoprene side panels insulate the wheel and ensure proper fit
  • Allow for fast cornering from the first lap & makes tire last longer
  • Back-n-forth heater design provides even heating
  • Dupont Nomex liner – designed for high temperatures
  • 120V operation
  • Saves "heat cycles" so tires don't age by being heated and cooled
  • 6' long power cord
  • Nylon carry bag

Neoprene Side Panels

  • Hot tire pressure is more important than ever.
  • These neoprene sides additionally insulate the tire and wheel, and help block wind blowing across your rims.
  • The elastic stretch provides a smooth fit.
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