BST 7 Mamba TEK Wheel Set (Gloss) Ducati 899/959 (All Years)

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1 to 4 weeks for delivery


BST 7 Mamba TEK Wheel Set (Gloss) Ducati 899/959 (All Years)

$ 3,595.00

*Optional Finishes allow 6-8 weeks

*Delivery dependent on stock- 1 to 4 weeks

Front Wheel- 5.65 lbs.

  • 3.5” x 17”
  • Add .40 lb. (0.181 kg) with Worldwide Bearings ceramic bearings
    Add .45 lb. (0.204 kg) with Worldwide Bearings steel bearings
  • Static Load Rating: 330 lb. (150 kg)
  • Materials: Carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Style: Straight, seven-spoke configuration
  • Valve Stem: BST Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) 90-degree, aluminum stems and caps
  • Approvals: DOT E and JWL for street and track use
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Rear Wheel- 7.25 lbs.

  • 17” x 6.0”
  • Static Load Rating: 615 lb. (280 kg)
  • Materials: Carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Style: Straight, seven-spoke configuration
  • Valve Stems: BST Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) 90-degree, aluminum stems and caps
  • Approvals: DOT E and JWL for street and track use
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • Rear/Front-Bearings, bushings, axle spacers and valves

Color Options:

  • Standard Gloss + $ 0.00
  • Matte + $125.00

Optional Colors

  • Satin + $125.00
  • Red Clear Coat + $125.00
  • Blue Clear Coat + $125.00
  • Green Clear Coat + $125.00
  • Gold Clear Coat + $125.00
  • Orange Clear Coat + $125.00
  • Black Clear Coat + $125.00

Mounting Notes:

*Double sided Swingarm Only

  • BST Wheels have a specific bolt pattern and the OEM sprocket will not fit-
  • Required sprocket specs: Hub center diameter is 76mm, 5 hole 10.5mm diameter, PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)

Optional Ceramic Bearings:

The allure of going faster with less energy is appealing to almost anyone and the latest innovation to make bikes go faster is ceramic wheel bearings. Since the speed of a motorcycle is most determined by the performance of its rotating parts, investing in ceramic wheel bearings by Worldwide Bearings is a logical choice for the serious rider. Look for them in the winner’s circle.

  • Inner and outer races forged from Japanese 52100 chrome bearing steel
  • Ultra low friction Silicon Nitride Si3N4 balls by Cerbec USA
  • 1 pc high temperature / low friction polyamide 66 ball retainer
  • Mobil Polyrex EM (outstanding long-life/high temp) grease
  • Low friction Nitrile rubber (NBR) seals
  • Proprietary internal ball clearance, per Brock’s Performance specifications
  • Ceramic bearings offer 40% less friction than steel
  • Bearing life 3 to 5 times longer than steel
  • Lower vibration levels and cooler running conditions

Optional Rear Sprocket: (fits OZ, BST and Marchesini)

  • 520 or 525 Pitch Superlite RSX Series Black Plated Steel Rear Race Sprocket
  • Exclusive tooth profile for extended mileage output
  • New computer generated RSX design combines huge weight savings with exceptional strength
  • Induction hardened steel with a black zinc plated finish
  • Rated for 220+ horsepower
  • *Sprocket Dimensions - 76mm Hub Diameter x 100mm Bolt Circle x (5) 10 mm Bolt Holes


Ducati Panigale 899 (All Years)

Ducati Panigale 959 (All Years)

Why use lightweight wheels?

  • Carbon and titanium parts and bolts will lower the overall weight of your motorcycle and this is great for increasing total power to weight ratio.  However, considering the tires, wheels and brake rotors have rotational mass, reducing this weight is directly felt by the rider and provides a tangible performance increase.
  • Lightweight wheels enable the front forks and rear shock to manage bumps and surface irregularities more effectively- providing better overall grip.

Moment of Inertia

  • Construction of wheel- where is the weight? Cast OEM wheels are not only heavier, but the weight is not distributed the same as a carbon, magnesium, or forged aluminum wheels.
  • The farther away weight is placed from its axis in a gyro (wheel), the more rotational inertia there will be. This is at an exponential level, with the increase of weight and distance from center axis. The more weight at the outer edges of a wheel, the harder it will be to turn, stop or accelerate. 
  • Aftermarket, high performance wheels are designed to have a minimal amount if this moment of inertia compared to the OEM cast aluminum wheels. A forged aluminum wheel for an example, is not only lighter in total weight but has the majority of that weight placed closer to the axles, thus reducing the moment of inertia.
  • In simpler terms- lighter and well-engineered wheels: Saves power. = Accelerate quicker = Faster top speed = Faster lap times 
  • Rider fatigue is also reduced- lighter wheels stop quicker and enable less effort for turning into and exiting corners.
  • Overall easier feel on the front end

***Retuning suspension is recommended when changing to lightweight wheels from OEM

Mounting Tires to Carbon Rims

For best result, we recommend the use of AGS Ru-Glyde Lubricant which will protect beads against scuffing during mounting—assure proper bead seating on rim and protect against tire slippage after mounting.

Optional Anti-Slip Coating

To help reduce tire slip during drag-strip launches, all BST wheels 6.25" and wider come standard with BST’s exclusive Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Coating technology (item# 160290), a mixture of chemical adhesive and abrasives which create a sandpaper-like surface to reduce tire slippage on the rim. This process, used successfully in MotoGP racing since 2005, was developed to combat front-tire slippage during hard braking. UHS can be added to any size rim, front or rear.

Rear Sprocket measurements:

5 (10mm holes) with a PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) of 100mm and a sprocket ID of 76mm.

Replaceable Hubs

The hubs are attached to the wheels using a unique fastening system that combines high-tech aerospace fasteners, mechanical locking mechanisms and super-high-strength aerospace adhesive. In the event of rim damage the hub can typically be salvaged and the carbon rim replaced at a substantial savings over purchasing a new wheel. (Except on BST wheels with forged carbon hubs)

90-Degree Valve Stems

All BST wheels come with aluminum 90-degree valve stems that are not only easy to access, but keep centrifugal force from opening their Schrader valves and deflating tires during high-speed operation. Track tested up to 274 mph.


BST products have undergone decades of research, development, testing and the most stringent certifications processes. They’ve been flogged at Rim Technology, Eurotype Test Centre and have passed all lab and street tests for certification from Germany’s TüV to the U.S. Department of Transportation, with flying colors.

BST wheels have been proven internationally at every level of FIM Grand Prix roadrace competition and in winning 12 championship titles around the world.

Wheel colors and Finishes:

Luxury car and motorcycle manufacturers have a long history of offering special paints for that one-of-a-kind look, so when BST was asked to paint a set of its carbon fiber wheels, they looked for ways they could offer color without hiding the beauty of the carbon fiber weave. BST uses a product called Xirallic® and then mixes it with an automotive clear coat using a 20% tint so they can offer a unique display of color while maintaining the aesthetic look of carbon fiber.

Xirallic® combines a lively sparkle with a shimmer which has never been achieved before. The crystal effect pigments from EMD Performance Materials (a division of Merck KGaA) create an unexpected deep luster and extraordinary sparkle in coatings. Their high color intensity and purity are impressive. Direct light – especially from the sun – shows off their unparalleled brilliance to the fullest. In short, Xirallic® is unique in the world of effect pigments. With its small particle size and tight particle size distribution, Xirallic® can be easily used in all application areas, from plastic coatings, industry and powder coatings, to dispersion paints. The main field of application for the crystal effect pigments, however, is automotive coatings: this is where their extraordinary color saturation and depth, as well as their universal technical usability, really come into their own.

  • Gloss (Standard): The standard finish on BST wheels uses a 2K automotive clear-coat to provide a high-gloss presentation. This finish option is great for those truly wanting to bring the carbon weave to life.
  • Satin: This is the finish selected by Motus and Ducati for their OEM BST wheels; it offers more shine to the wheel than the Matte finish, while still drawing attention to the carbon fiber weave. Approximate 20% additive is mixed with the 2K Clear Gloss to achieve the Satin finish.
  • Matte: The finish of choice for Confederate Motorcycles on their BST wheels; this is a non-glossy finish that conceals some of the Carbon Fiber weave. Perfect match for those that like the matte look and may want to hide the fact that their wheels are Carbon Fiber. Approximate 40% additive is mixed with the 2K Clear Gloss to achieve the Matte finish.


Weighing between 40 and 60 percent less than OEM wheels, BST wheels bestow sportbikes with sharper corner-carving abilities, faster acceleration, and quicker braking by weighing less than their production-bike counterparts. Lighter wheels are also easier for suspension systems to control over bumps and irregular surfaces, yielding more traction and unimpeded acceleration. Less rotating mass also equals less rider fatigue.

A lighter rear wheel is easier for the shock to control properly, which leads to superior power application and much higher trap speeds in competition and track days.


Using high-tech processes pioneered in the aerospace industry, BST wheels are manufactured in a single molding operation. This technique produces a wheel that is far superior in strength and much lighter than any aluminum or magnesium wheel, and one that is light and strong enough for racing and street use.

BST wheels are a unique monococque (single unit) design with hollow spokes. The end result is wheels with unsprung weight reduced 40-60 percent compared to stock wheels. This delivers the lowest possible moment of inertia, a critical factor that affects all aspects of motorcycle performance.

Maximizing the molecular and structural properties of carbon fiber, BST has reduced spoke and rim weight without compromising their strength. Mass is therefore concentrated in the hub, reducing rotational inertia. This results in quicker acceleration and braking, allowing faster corner entry and exit speeds.


BST designs the tooling, molds, wheel and hubs, then manufactures them in its state-of-the-art factory. Precision cutting machines, like those used in the aeronautical industry, ensure that the process is repeatable and meets the highest certification standards. BST uses only the finest “prepreg” carbon fiber, which is embedded in a top-secret resin matrix epoxy. Carbon-fiber layup is done in a dust-free and temperature-controlled “clean room.” The wheels are cured in a superheated steam oven, or autoclave, at 260 degrees and 85 psi. This produces the best material compaction and smoothest surface finish. Every step of this process is logged, the entire history of each wheel is stored and stamped with a unique serial number. To ensure the highest quality manufacturing processes and components, BST’s entire operation is managed under strict, new ISO 9002 standards.

About BST

Established in 1992, BST is based near Johannesburg, South Africa. BST engineers and manufactures the world's finest carbon fiber motorcycle components from wheels and frames to fuel tanks and fenders, to the highest international standards. The standard equipment wheels on Confederate and Norton motorcycles, BST was also chosen to provide wheels and produce the carbon-fiber frame on the radical MotoCyz project. On the world stage, BST wheels have been proven at every level of FIM Grand Prix roadracing competition and have won 12 national championships. BST has sold more than 8,000 carbon fiber wheels around the world.

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