BikeSportDevelopments - Blip Box - Ducati 1199 Superleggera

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Usually ships in 3 - 5 business days

**Please allow 3-5 days lead time before shipping**

This miniature module provides an fully programmable throttle 'auto blip' when ever a down-shift signal is requested by the rider.

  • The signal to shift comes from a load cell integrated into the gear linkage
  • There is no re-programming of the ECU and all existing sensors remain in place.
  • Data from the throttle grip and the on-board CAN bus are used to determine the optimum shifting parameters
  • Just plug it in using the fully pre-wired adapter loom and ride


Questions ?

  • Is there any re-wiring? - No, everything is a direct plug in using OEM connectors
  • Does the box need special mounting? - No
  • Are all existing systems retained? - Yes
  • Are there any unusual warning lights on the dash? - No
  • Can it be done at the Bike Sport workshop while I wait? - Yes but can also be fitted by any competent home mechanic.
  • What if my linkage is reversed, will it work - Yes, just let us know when ordering.
  • Can it be supplied by post and I fit myself? - Yes, no problem.
  • Do you support the trade with re-seller discounts? - Yes, please contact us for details.


Shifter setup

The Blip Box measures the force as applied to the gearbox, so the direction of your foot travel for 'standard shift' or GP shift is not really important. Most GP 'rear sets' reverse the shift direction within the linkage so the force applied to the gearbox is the same as a standard bike. 

When ordering, use the pull down option to select Type 1 or Type 2 shift setup. If you are not sure you can download the document here, or send us an image of your shifter setup after ordering. 

Customers who buy the additional programming cable may change this and any other setting themselves.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review