Accossato 19x18 Billet Radial Brake Master Cylinder w/ Folding Lever RST

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Accossato 19x18 Billet Radial Brake Master Cylinder (CNC Worked) w/ Folding Lever RST



Item Details

For professional use and those demanding the best, the Accossato 19x18 radial brake master cylinder constructed from billet aluminum and CNC machined to meet the exact tolerances for extraordinary braking performance and feel required during competition. Designed with a 19mm diameter piston for motorcycles with a double disc brake rotor setup. Accossato has been producing Italian made sportbike components for original and aftermarket use since 1969.

This brake master includes a folding, standard length RST lever with anti-drag inlet hole machined into the lever end for the passage of air at high speed. This is a popular choice for track and race riders.

The feeling with the lever is immediate and braking is powerful, decisive and without compromise: this result was possible thanks to a reduction in the tolerances of the mechanical workings and the couplings of the different parts of the pump.

Accossato produces race quality master cylinders and braking components using a 100% quality-control process mandating all core components to be inspected under a microscope before assembly, pressure calibrated, and vacuum tested upon final assembly

Technical Features

Folding Lever: 19mm x 18mm

Material: Billet Aluminum

Piston: 19mm

Disc Application: Double

Surface Protection: Anodized

Standard Folding Lever w/ RST Part#: ACC-LV005N-18-L-RST

Standard Fixed Lever w/ RST Part#: ACC-LV001N-18-L-RST

Short Folding Lever Part#: ACC-LV005N-18-C

Short Fixed Lever Part#: ACC-LV001N-18-C

Exclusive Three (3) Year Limited USA Warranty


Items Required to Complete Installation

Accossato 30ml Brake Reservoir Mounting Kit (Part# ACC-KITVG) as it includes a reservoir, bracket, hardware and tubing.



Technical Features

30ml Fluid Reservoir

Fluid Hose

Hose Clamp (x2)

Aluminum Support Bracket

Do NOT use DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid


The 19x18 brake master cylinder includes a double hole banjo bolt with 3 copper washers. This will work if you have 2 brake lines coming off the master cylinder. If you only have 1 line off the master you will need a M10x1.0 Single Hole Banjo Bolt Part#: ACC-MS2365.

Titanium Race Spec Single-Line Banjo Bolt M10x1.0mm



Single-Line M10x1.0 Banjo Bolts are machined with 6AL-4V (GR5) Titanium which is approximately 40-45% lighter than steel OEM bolts at 2X Tensile Strength. Pre-Drilled for Safety Wire. Finished in Iridium for long lasting protection. Includes Metal O-Ring Washer for Proper Brake Line Installation.


If you wish to retain brake light functionality you will require a Double Hole Inline Brake Light Pressure Switch Banjo Bolt Part#: ACC-ID002.

Double Hole Front Brake Light Pressure Switch M10 x 1.00



The Double Hole Front Brake Light Pressure Switch it is a component with a pressure sensor inside, it is used for all those brake or clutch master cylinder that do not have a switch. Thanks to this it is possible to make the stop light and/or the clutch sensor work correctly, connecting it to the original electric system of the motorcycle. Indispensable for those who use a road bike, and for those who due to the assembly of rearsets, lose the stop switch mounted on the original platform. It should be mounted instead of the hydraulic fixing connection on the pump.


Double: for direct brake pipes, ie when 2 brake pipes start from the master cylinder and then 2 brake connectors.

If you intend to use your stock reservoir you will require a length of 6mm Tygon 2375 Tubing and 2 3/8" Spring Clamps.

Dot 4 Brake fluid will be needed. We suggest replacing all of the fluid in the system when you install the master. Do NOT use Dot 5.1

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