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Ducati engine building is Mark Sutton's specialty. With 24 years of Ducati experience - four of which were with factory Ducati AMA Superbike teams - it makes him the most experienced Ducati technician in the southeast and one of the most qualified in the nation. Customers send their bikes or engines from all over North America, Canada, and Europe for Ducshop to blueprint and prep for the road or track.

Our Ducatis have a strong reputation, finishing 3rd in the Daytona 8 hour endurance race, many Daytona 200's on 848's and 3 Moto ST Championships with the DS1000 engine.

A blueprinted engine will produce more power and last longer than a stock engine and anyone thinking of racing or doing track days on their Ducati should seriously consider the investment. When you get a street bike from Ducati it is assembled with very tight clearances so it is more likely to spin a rod bearing or wear other parts prematurely. Blueprinting will set the clearances closer to Corse specs as well as ideal cam timing, etc.

From blueprinting to creating a full Superbike engine, Ducshop can customize your Desmo to suit your needs.

Shipping your engine or full bike to us is cheaper than you think. A bike can be shipped door-to-door from coast-to-coast for about $600, and an engine can be shipped for about $250. Call us to get a shipper recommendation. You'll be surprised how easy and affordable it is.



       Heads only:

  • Port & Polish w/valve job (bare heads)
       2-valve Stg-4 $1295-$1495 includes guides, seals, seats & oversize valves (worth 10HP!)
  •    4-valve $850-$1500 + parts
  • Re-surface (mill heads) $190
  • R&R Guides and seals $95 per guide and re-cut seat to match + parts (bare heads)
  • Competition valve job only: $59 per valve (bare heads)
  • Strip and reassemble heads for guides or valve job. $390 

     Crank only:

  • Balance only: $225
  • Polish journal $59
  • Balance requiring heavy metal: add $165 + heavy metal cost
  • Lighten (mill) to "A" crank:  add $345
  • Knife edge: Add $150
  • Polishing: Add $200
  • Re size rod big end $75 per rod $100 for Ti rods
  • Install rods with race spec bearings and rod bolts: $135 + parts  

    Blueprint: (Engine out of frame) 

    • Disassemble, clean and inspect
    • Blueprint rods
    • Check crank run-out
    • Polish and measure crank journal and install race specification bearings
    • Shim trans, shift drum and crank to Corse specs
    • Set ring end gap 
    • Check piston-to-cylinder clearance
    • Shim cylinders to set piston squish
    • Adjust valves to Ducshop specs
    • Degree cams to Ducshop numbers per application
    • Set up clutch pack
    • Set up shift linkage and update
    • 2-valve $2,800 + parts
      4-valve $2900 + parts

    • Over 10 years old add $220

       R&R engine $660.00


In-House Dyno tuning:

Sometimes fuel system tuning can be treated as a black art but it's more than just loading a map into your ecu,  we are trained and experienced tuning with most software including Microtec, TuneBoy, Rapid Bike, Bazzaz, Nemesis, NCR and Power Commanders.

One map doesn't fit all. Every cylinder requires its own custom fuel map since injector flow rates, cam timing, port shape, compression ratio, etc. will vary.  Ducshop takes all these variables into account to build the fuel and ignition map per cylinder to get the most out of your bike.

Dyno Custom Tuning Package using a Power Commander 3 or 5 USB or Bazzaz module.

2-VALVE Ducati's, Harley's or Metric Twins $220 --

4-VALVE Ducati's $275 --


Dual cylinder mapping add $110 -- Shifter set up $40

Ignition advance mapping add $100

TuneBoy mapping add $100

Microtec tuning add $150

Microtec tuning includes: Fuel map, ignition map, warm up trim, pre-injection, lower ignition advance and at cranking speed for easier starting, set rev limiter, calibrate speedo, set fan activation temp, set shift lights, 2 map capabilities and custom dash display.

Dyno Time $150 per hour Engine break in or diagnostic time.

Horsepower run only $55

Horsepower run with torque, RPM and A/F ratio $110

* All fuel injection work is done on our Chassis Dynamometer with individual cylinder Lambda sensors.